Workshop Recap

DSC00115Thanks to those who participated in last week’s workshop for the Village’s Comprehensive Plan Update. Click here to download and view a PDF of the exhibits displayed at the workshop along with comments from participants. If you have any comments, suggestions, and/or ideas about the content presented in any of the exhibits, please contact us through the online feedback form.

The content of each exhibit corresponds with the updated and proposed vision topics/statements to be included in the Comprehensive Plan Update. These include the following:

  • Invest in a Pleasant Quality-of-Life
  • Preserve Village & Neighborhood Character
  • Maintain Diversity & Affordability
  • Support & Encourage Walking and Bicycling
  • Protect & Improve the Environment
  • Be Prepared for Storms, Floods & Rising Sea-Levels

The exhibits showcase several comments we received about each topic, a draft vision statement, and highlights of preliminary recommendations.

Author: Neil D

City planner and graphic/web designer at Hardesty & Hanover.