Update on the Comprehensive Plan; Public Hearing Resumes on 8/14

Adopting a Comprehensive Plan involves a number of steps, including a referral to the County Planning Board for review, a referral to the Harbor & Coastal Management Commission (HCZMC) for advisory consistency review, an environmental review under the State Environmental Quality Review Act (SEQRA), and a public hearing.

The Village submitted the 2023 Comprehensive Plan (Public Hearing Draft – May 18, 2023) to the Westchester County Planning Board and, on July 7, the Village Planner presented the draft to the County Planning Board. The Village later received this letter from the County Planning Board. The County Planning Board was complimentary of the draft, but also provided several suggestions on various topics that will be reviewed by the Village Planner and BOT.

On July 12, a public hearing was held for the Comprehensive Plan. The public hearing was kept open and continued on July 26. The public hearing will resume on August 14. In the meantime, drafts of the Environmental Assessment Form (EAF) parts 1, 2 & 3 have been prepared and the BOT is awaiting the results of HCZMC’s review.

Comments requesting specific changes to the draft Comprehensive Plan that were presented during the public hearings and received via e-mail have been compiled into a table and are currently being evaluated. This table will be posted after all of the comments have been evaluated and responded to by the Village Planner and reviewed by the BOT.

Comments may be submitted via e-mail to contact@planvom.org

2023 Comprehensive Plan (Public Hearing Draft – May 18, 2023)

Draft Index of Recommendations / Implementation Table (for the Public Hearing Draft)

Comments & Responses Table (for the March 1, 2023 draft of the Comprehensive Plan)

Author: Neil D

City planner and graphic/web designer at Hardesty & Hanover.

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