Updates to the Timeline

Discussing the Second Draft of the Comprehensive Plan Update had been on the agenda of the Board of Trustees’ July 13 Work Session. Due to time constraints, the BOT chose to schedule a special meeting in order to dedicate sufficient time to discuss the content of the Second Draft. This special meeting, which will be a Work Session, will take place on Monday, September 21 at 5 p.m. Please visit the previous post to see updates to the timeline (in red).

Draft Plan Completed

firstfulldraftcover.jpgThe first full draft of the Village’s Comprehensive Plan Update is complete and ready for you to review. Click here to download the file (.pdf, 20mb).

The file is designed to be viewed on-screen on your mobile phone, tablet, or computer (i.e., the cover and table of contents are “clickable”). The file also can be printed out double-sided or single-sided (note that it is more than 200 pages long).

The following are several questions you might consider while reviewing this draft:

1. Do the recommendations/strategies within the draft plan substantively address each of the updated Vision Statements that are listed on page 12?

2. Which chapter/topic interests or concerns you the most? Do you have any specific comments or ideas for more goals, recommendations, and/or strategies for that chapter/topic?

3. Are there any actions that the Village or groups within the Village have undertaken in the past five years that are not accounted for in the draft plan but that should be?

Please send your comments through the Your Feedback section of this website. If you would like to put your thoughts into a Word document, e-mail the file to contact@planvom.org. Please send us your comments by Friday, November 15, 2019.

If you would like to review background information on the Comprehensive Plan Update prior to reading the draft, visit the Frequently-Asked-Questions (FAQ) page.

Update on the Comprehensive Plan Update

During the past year, the Village Board of Trustees has been involved in discussing the Moratorium Study and deliberating over changes in the Village’s regulations pertaining to multi-family residential development. Last month, the Village BOT adopted PLL-C 2019, a slate of rezoning proposals that reduces the potential of multi-family development in certain parts of the Village, retains it in others, and institutes policies to ensure the production of affordable housing units integrated into market-rate developments. For more information on the rezoning, please click here.

During this time, the process of drafting the Comprehensive Plan Update continued, but any further public and stakeholder engagement was put on hold. The last major public engagement event was the workshop held on September 27, 2018 (click here for more details and to download the workshop exhibits).

We are pleased to report that a preliminary draft of the Comprehensive Plan Update has been produced and is currently under review by the Planning Department. The next steps are to produce a revised version of the document and resume engagement with Village stakeholders, which includes posting a draft of the document online so residents and other interested parties can review it and provide the Planning Department with comments, questions, and suggestions.

Winter Updates

Since the September 27 workshop, the attention on the Comprehensive Plan Update has been on developing the content of its two special focus areas: Sustainability and Residential Neighborhood Character. The Committee for the Environment’s (CFTE’s) Sustainability Subcommittee has been working with the Planning Department team to prepare and review drafts of the Sustainability section of the plan, which will be shared with the CFTE and other relevant committees for comment. On the topic of Residential Neighborhood Character (which is broader than the name implies because it also involves environmental and fiscal matters), a partial working draft of the section has been produced, which will serve as the basis for a discussion with the Planning Board at the end of this month.

Workshop Recap

DSC00115Thanks to those who participated in last week’s workshop for the Village’s Comprehensive Plan Update. Click here to download and view a PDF of the exhibits displayed at the workshop along with comments from participants. If you have any comments, suggestions, and/or ideas about the content presented in any of the exhibits, please contact us through the online feedback form.

The content of each exhibit corresponds with the updated and proposed vision topics/statements to be included in the Comprehensive Plan Update. These include the following:

  • Invest in a Pleasant Quality-of-Life
  • Preserve Village & Neighborhood Character
  • Maintain Diversity & Affordability
  • Support & Encourage Walking and Bicycling
  • Protect & Improve the Environment
  • Be Prepared for Storms, Floods & Rising Sea-Levels

The exhibits showcase several comments we received about each topic, a draft vision statement, and highlights of preliminary recommendations.

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