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1. What is a Comprehensive Plan?

A Comprehensive Plan is a guidance document that sets goals, policies, and priorities for investing in the physical, social, economic, and environmental future of a community.

2. What topics can a Comprehensive Plan address? What does a Comprehensive Plan actually “do”?

A Comprehensive Plan can address a wide range of topics and/or geographic areas of importance to residents and other stakeholders. It can provide an overall vision for a place and identify key priorities and strategies toward achieving the vision. It can provide direction for a municipality in terms of investing in transportation improvements and public facilities, revising or creating new zoning regulations, protecting ecologically-sensitive or flood-prone areas, becoming more environmentally sustainable, putting in place affordable housing policies, and recommending topics for or areas of further study. Concept plans and other visuals within a Comprehensive Plan can demonstrate ideas and hoped-for outcomes and generate support for certain projects.

Updating a Comprehensive Plan can provide a fresh vision for certain topics and areas that need special attention, whether due to changing conditions over time, to emerging challenges, or to new priorities.

3. When was the last Comprehensive Plan created for the Village? Where can I find it?

The last Comprehensive Plan was adopted by the Village Board of Trustees in 2012. It can be downloaded from the Planning Department’s website by clicking here (PDF file, 17 mb).

4. Why is the Comprehensive Plan being updated?

The 2012 Comprehensive Plan recommends that, after five years of its adoption, a progress report should be produced to assess the degree to which the plan recommendations have been implemented and to identify possible topics and areas that should be revisited and updated. We anticipate this plan update process to include several topics and areas. This might include a more detailed focus on environmental sustainability and resiliency and revisiting topics related to the character of residential neighborhoods. During the planning process, other topics and areas could arise. However, more than 10 years has elapsed.

5. How long will it take to update the plan? And how can I stay informed and/or participate in the process?

The update process is expected to take approximately 4 months to complete. To stay informed and learn about ways to participate:

  • Sign up to to receive updates when a new post is added to the page. Look for the phrase “E-mail Updates” on the site and follow the instructions.
  • The Village also post updates and links to this website on its Weekly E-Newsletter and on Facebook. Any future workshops or meetings will also be announced in this manner.

6. How can I provide opinions, ideas, strategies, and/or information to contribute to this process?

An online form has been created for residents and other interested members of the public to provide input at any time during the process. Commonly-asked questions will be compiled and added to this FAQ periodically, if necessary.

7. Who is leading this initiative?

This initiative is being directed by the Planning Department and will be guided by various Village stakeholders, including boards and committees. The Village hired the firm Hardesty & Hanover to complete the process of updating the Comprehensive Plan.

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