June Updates

Community Engagement Updates

Rye Neck High School Student Roundtable Discussion. We met with a group of sophomores at Rye Neck High School on May 31st to talk about life in the Village. The conversation touched on a wide range of topics, including “The Avenue” as a destination, biking, Harbor Island Park, trash and recycling, and school enrollment. We are working toward a similar discussion with Mamaroneck High School students.

July 12th Summer on the Avenue Block Party. We are planning to have a booth at this event to reach out to more residents, and business-owners too. We are looking for two volunteers to help with several activities, which could include interviewing residents for the Village Voices podcast. E-mail contact@planvom.org if you’d like to help.

Environmental Sustainability Questionnaire. Haven’t responded to it yet? It’s only 3 quick questions! Your thoughts will inform the development of the sustainability section of the Comprehensive Plan Update. Click here.

Revised Project Schedule

Due to the additional work NV5 will be undertaking as a result of the moratorium, the schedule for the Comprehensive Plan Update has been adjusted. We have rescheduled both the next meeting of the volunteer boards/committees and the Village-wide workshop to September.


May Updates

Announcing the “Village Voices” Podcast. Click here to check out first set of mini-interviews. These were recorded during the April 21 Clean & Green Day. The question of the day was “What is your vision for the future of the Village?” Over the next few months we will be interviewing more people and adding more voices to this podcast.


Environmental Sustainability Questionnaire. Thanks to the residents who’ve already responded. Since this topic is one of the areas of focus of the Comprehensive Plan Update, we’re keeping this brief questionnaire open. So please take a moment to click here and share your thoughts.


April Updates

Keep it Clean & Green. Come to the Village’s 10th Annual Clean & Green Day on Saturday, April 21 from 9:30 a.m. to 12:00 p.m at Harbor Island Park. Stop by the Comprehensive Plan Update “booth.” We will be there to promote awareness of the Comprehensive Plan Update process and hear about your vision for the future of the Village.

A Few Questions for You. We’ve created a brief online questionnaire for Village residents about environmental sustainability, which is one of the areas of focus of the Comprehensive Plan Update. Click here to fill out the questionnaire.


Planning for the Village’s future.

This website is the main online portal for the Comprehensive Plan Update for the Village of Mamaroneck, NY. To learn more about about the process of updating our 2012 Comprehensive Plan and find out how to get involved, click here to go to the Frequently-Asked Questions (FAQ) page.

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*Have any comments, suggestions, or ideas about the future of the Village? Click here to go to the online feedback form.

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